About us

STAR Teleradiology

STAR Teleradiology provides high-quality, accurate final and preliminary reads or x-rays, radiograph, CT scan and MRI, across the globe throughout the year. It is for our reliability and quality that multiple hospitals and diagnostic centers across the globe have partnered with us to get high-quality, accurate final and preliminary reads.

We have unique ways to customize reporting timings Efficient Turn-Around Time as per the client’s needs and desires. Trail run of few cases is always welcomed for satisfaction of the client, before making a commitment. We don’t mind taking up high volume centers at short notices. A strong team of radiologists and IT department are always there to help.

The STAR Edge

We are not just a Teleradiology services provider.

We are a clinical leader, renowned for Innovation. We are driven by clinical excellence and not by the bottom-line. We understand what it takes to provide a seamless patient care experience.

At STAR Teleradiology 24/7, we have a proven record of operational excellence. Dedicated to high quality patient care, we provide high-quality, fast and cost-effective teleradiology reporting services to our clients to meet their needs.

We aim to leverage our expertise enabled by technology to reach the unreached.


Round the Clock coverage
Our team provides 24x7x365 day and night coverage to provide Preliminary, Final and/or Sub-speciality reads. This also includes NIGHTHAWK services.

Access to expert Sub-specialist Services
Gain access to sub-speciality reporting by our experienced sub specialists. Our team of experts are experienced and qualified in several sub-specialities that include Cardiology, Neurosciences, Paediatrics, etc.